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Industries Supported by the Core LIMS

Thermo Scientific™ Core LIMS™ software can be easily designed to fit a laboratory’s workflows, easing adoption and use of the product. The system is further configurable by users and system administrators to quickly match changing needs, protocols, business rules, workflows, etc., without coding.

Core LIMS software provides a secure, unified data repository with which laboratories can collect, approve, archive, retrieve, report, and analyze their data in real-time. The system provides complete auditability and traceability with click tracking, version control, and electronic signatures. Each data point collected by the LIMS is associated with the instrument and operator it was generated from, as well as any protocol(s) it is related to. Each user of Core LIMS software is assigned a single-sign-on ID, which controls their access to data and functionality with permissions definition by the system administrator.

Core LIMS software is 100% web-based for complete scalability, multi-site support, and 24-hour and remote access without any client-side installation. It is hardware, operating system, and instrument independent in order to fit with any laboratory’s technologies. Deployment, upgrades and maintenance are implemented from one point, and are instantly accessible to the entire organization. Flexible deployment options are available to fit the needs of any laboratory or organization.

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