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Take Control of Your Scientific Data.
Improve Data Quality and Streamline Analysis with Core LIMS.
Take Control of Your Scientific Data.
Improve Data Quality and Streamline Analysis with Core LIMS.

Core LIMS software is Laboratory Information Management Software for any Scientific Industry or Organization

Thermo Scientific™ Core LIMS™ Software is Built on Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Software and Works Seamlessly with Our Other Products

Configure. Adapt. Extend.

Core LIMS™ software – Laboratory Information Management System – enables scientific data collection, as well as the sharing, analyzing and archiving of scientific data. Core LIMS software can automate workflows, and manage samples and data. Pre-built workflows can be quickly configured to meet the exact specifications of your lab. The information in the LIMS can be easily reported on, shared, analyzed, and audited. Core LIMS software gives companies a strategic advantage by enabling them to efficiently collect and analyze data.

Core LIMS software runs on the Platform for Science software and integrates seamlessly with instruments and software from an organization’s preferred vendors while sharing information with other applications on the platform, such as Thermo Scientific™ Core ELN™, Core SDMS™, and Core Connect™ software. The LIMS can be integrated with other systems and software tools via the standards-based OData API available in Core Connect software. The Core LIMS increases the efficiency of scientific processes by enabling users to manage data in a secure, 100% web- and cloud-based environment.

To view the full list of included capabilities visit the Core LIMS Features page, or to see additional applications that extend the capabilities of the LIMS visit the Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Marketplace Solution.

Design. Experiment. Analyze.

Core ELN software enables scientific organizations to capture, organize, manage, share, and report on research. Quickly create new notebooks, record data, find and edit existing entries, and witness and sign entries and notebooks. The Core ELN software enables organizations to share data and results organization-wide in a secure, 100% web-and cloud-based environment.

Core ELN software is built on the Platform for Science software, enabling seamless linkages to data in the Core LIMS software. The cross-platform connection enables end-to-end visibility across experiments, and reduces risk from data re-entry or manual errors by leveraging existing data.

Capture. Automate. Integrate.

Core SDMS software automates data capture from laboratory instrument systems. Automated loading and parsing increases lab efficiency, streamlines data capture, and protects data integrity by reducing the chance for manual errors. When the Core SDMS software detects a new file in an instrument’s network file system, the appropriate file parser loads the information into the Core LIMS software or Core ELN software and other applications built on Platform for Science software. Core SDMS software has a library of file parsers which support rapid integration of laboratory instrumentation. Our vendor agnostic approach accelerates scientific decision making by simplifying the capture and archive of vital instrument results files.

The Core LIMS, ELN, Connect, and SDMS Software are Built on the Platform for Science Software


The Comprehensive Lab Informatics Platform to Fit Your Needs

Platform for Science software is the future of scientific informatics. Platform for Science software includes services, i.e., database and infrastructure (cloud- or server-deployment), and a constantly expanding marketplace of applications. Labs receive their accounts within hours of signing up and can be in production on the Platform for Science software in a matter of days, versus the months to years for traditional custom systems.

Platform for Science software provides the scientific community with a flexible, cost effective and secure way to collect, store, analyze and share information. Scientists can perform the most simple or complex tasks, from tracking sample inventory to automating data collection for HT-ADME and physicochemical profiling, all while collaborating in real-time from any device. Platform for Science software users can create integrated environments by purchasing or configuring applications to meet their unique requirements, without having to pay for unnecessary services or functionality.

Selection of Customers Using Core LIMS Software


National Institute of Health
Columbia University
US Army
Post Foods
Mount Sinai

LIMS Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Software: Core LIMS Software Features

We deliver state of the art scientific informatics solutions to customers in a variety of industries. Our data management solutions include: Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN), Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS), Core Connect software, and the Platform for Science software.

Underlying each of our products is the Platform for Science software, including a powerful and flexible database which can be configured to meet customers’ needs without any custom coding. The application architecture of the Platform for Science software reduces the time and resources necessary to configure and deploy a LIMS, and ensures that any system deployed using the platform is stable, extensible, and user-friendly.

Our products are highly configurable, providing rapid deployment options to meet the needs of virtually any laboratory. The systems require no client software installation and are available as a hosted or installed solution.

→ 100% Web-based
→ Highly configurable
→ Easy to learn & use
→ Cost effective

We deliver highly configurable yet affordable scientific platforms by providing innovative data management software to accelerate scientific discovery and collaboration.

Our products are designed with configuration in mind. As a result, we approach the deployment process differently from traditional LIMS vendors. Prior to delivering a price quotation, we interview the key players from the lab, management and IT to identify the needs of each group. As part of these interviews, we document workflows and determine where configurations to the Core LIMS software or other applications are required to meet the individual needs of the scientists, as well as the higher level needs of the organization.

Our products are designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of scientific processes and to secure the future value of data by properly archiving each and every data point collected. We accomplish these tasks by configuring our scientific applications to match the specific requirements, interests and workflows of an organization.

We deliver tailored data management solutions to meet changing needs as a lab grows and evolves.

Products can be deployed to fit the needs of startup, medium-sized and enterprise organizations as either a cloud-hosted solution, or installed on client servers. Our component-based software architecture allows your organization to select only the LIMS software features and functionality required to fulfill your needs. We appreciate your organization’s unique approach and can provide configuration to support any laboratory workflow.

Our team has worked in all facets of LIMS development. We have extensive backgrounds in biotechnology, management, IT and science. Our success has been built on our unique ability to communicate directly with, and understand the needs of, scientists, managers and information technologists.

Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you to deliver your tailored and cost effective scientific data management solution.

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